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Akuma Jaaku [Done]

Post by Akuma Jaaku on Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:17 am

Name: Akuma Jaaku

Biographical Information:
Age: 23
Birth Date: 22nd, September – X868.
Birthplace: Canyon of Desolation
Mother – Emilia Jaaku (Unknown believed deceased)
Father – Jin Jaaku (Unknown believed deceased)

Physical Description:
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 200 lbs.
Guild Tattoo: Left lower back, jet black in color.
General Description:
Akuma is a tall guy with toned, confident features and a solid body. He is slim, yet has some muscles that many woman stop to admire whenever they can catch him with his shirt off. He isn’t your typical slender male however, for you see the body is composed of red, white, and pink muscles. Through many strenuous hours of training and discipline Akuma was able to convert all of his muscle mass into pink muscles therefore, explaining his slender and toned figure showing so much promise for great power and athletic ability. He has medium length jet black hair that seemingly always falls in his face in a rebellious manner though he doesn’t take the time to tend to his hair like many assume he does.

This complementing his seemingly pale, yet having subtle tan skin. His face showing a confident, powerful individual that doesn’t falter in his mannerisms and tones simply because he was blessed with an above average demeanor. Though he is conscious of this he is humble about this appearance and truly doesn’t care about it. Though when it comes to clothes he has a wide variety of styles he loves to wear but his favorite being something simple and easy nothing extremely flashy that may draw unneeded attention his way.  

Face Claim: Jolly - La storia della Arcana Famiglia.

Personal Information:
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Initially, Akuma was; cheeky, cheerful, and full of mischievous ideas. He is also one of the quickest-thinking people that many people had ever known. He is confident in his abilities, often being humble about it, but when somebody compliments him, especially Aven, he gets easily embarrassed. However, his ruthlessness and aptitude in killing shows the other side of him — deadly, violent, and bloodthirsty. Having been tortured since birth, Akuma has been conditioned to possess extreme tolerance for pain.

However, Akuma is still carefree, hates doing any responsibility, and does not like to do much. That is how is life has changed in what seems the small amount of time he has been alive. The only other thing that keeps him carefree and sane is his sisters that he uses as rather exotic weapons.

However, most of the time Akuma is portrayed as entirely self-interested and does whatever he likes as long as it pleases him in some way. He lusts for the thrill of killing powerful fighters in combat; likewise, he grows excited to meet any new people he deems worthy of fighting or anyone with potential to be a good fighter and entertain him in the future. However, he isn’t one to get off on this act, but rather simply enjoys a good battle and finds himself excited for knowing there are still many to come. Furthermore, he isn’t all about battle and seeking it but rather truly is mellow and sarcastic never targeting his guild members out of a sense of respect but knowing that one day many of them could find themselves on his list if ever the circumstances fit. While he tends to be mellow, outgoing, nonchalant, and rather sarcastic with his friends or people he finds enjoyable to be around he would rather say he has a completely different side when it comes to outsiders of his friends and respected comrades.

In addition, Akuma is or at the least, can be sociopathic. While he does like people, he finds himself stating that, valuable one day could mean trash the next and could kill anyone with little to no reservation. He is completely self-centered and manipulative with all of these traits being indicative of sociopathic nature. He does not care for what has happened in the past as he is only interested in what could be amusing to him in the future or present. While Akuma’s nature tends to be malevolent, he isn't an indiscriminate killer. While he has no problems killing anyone regardless of age or sex, he only kills people who are in his way or people he deems "worthy." As such, he is more simply amoral than flat out evil. He will even assist the people he deems “worthy” if there is "fun" in doing so or if it will make them stronger for a more entertaining fight in the future. So in addition to previously stated behavior, Akuma cares about having fun and a good challenge which may or may not involve killing people.

There is one thing about Akuma, however, that will never change and that is his undying love for music but to be specific he is in love with trap music putting it in his ears whenever he truly need to focus or when he finds something that he is going to give his full attention to. He usually has his headphones in and depending on his mood will depend on the song.

Magic Information:
Magic: Bungee Gum  
Akuma can alter his magics's consistency into an incredibly sticky substance somewhat akin to bubble gum, albeit much stronger. It can be used to pull opponents within punching range for a flurry of rebound pummels. Bungee Gum can both stretch and contract, depending on what Akuma desires. It can be attached either by pointing at his target or through direct physical contact. Additionally, Bungee Gum can also be used to cover a greater area by molding it into a sheet rather than a string. It is so reliable and durable that it can act as a shield against attacks or as a means to return them to their original caster. When not attached to Akuma's body, Bungee Gum cannot stretch more than 10 meters. He has shown the ability to alter his Bungee Gum´s shape and color. He conceals Bungee Gum making it clear, odorless, and it doesn’t hurt nor feel different when attached, thus it cannot be seen unless his opponent has some other form of detecting magic and or the string becomes visible by some way. However, even if an opponent can see it, it is still almost impossible to avoid, as Akuma can simply attach Bungee Gum on his fist while hitting his opponent. (Translucent not completely clear)

~Strong Offensively AND Defensively: Seeing as this magic is like bubble gum being sticky and rather elastic it makes for outstanding, offensive and defensive opportunities. It can turn in an instant from a deadly seemingly no counter opportunity assault into one of the most powerful shields and reflective shields.

~Hard to detect: Seeing as this magic is rather difficult to feel, see, smell, or hear it becomes rather difficult to track it being used and therefore, gives for a great advantage over people that don't know of his magic or even if they do they know it is rather difficult to counter even if they are knowledgeable about its abilities.

~Varsitial: Seeing as this magic has the properties of gum but enhanced because of the magic infused with it making it not only difficult to destroy but also hard to predict what he will do with it seeing as it can do so many different things.

~ Strength: If the opponent this technique is being used against is stronger than the caster it would become increasingly more difficult to use it head on nearly forcing the caster to work around this rather large disadvantage. Seeing as if the user does make the mistake of attaching this substance to someone stronger than themselves they could easily be pulled around just as they could pull the other person around.

~Length: Seeing as this magic is rather unique to this person who created it, it is still a magic in the works of becoming better so for the time being it cannot stretch any further than ten meters when not attached to Akuma therefore, giving him not only a strength weakness but also a distance limitation which would be the turning point of some altercations.

~Group combat: Seeing as this magic isn't truly built to be used when around other it is extremely difficult for Akuma to be any use in a team fight unless he can completely trust the person he is with to not tell anyone about his magic. For the true secret for success of this magic is to be one that isn't very well known. However, in a group fight there are more eyes on the actions he does makes it ever harder to conceal the presence of his magic from everyone.

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Guild: Phantom Lord
Background History:
Akuma was born in Death Valley the 22nd of September on X868 to an elite family of Mages and warriors. As this suggest Akuma has lived the majority of his childhood surrounded by battle, always getting into trouble, however, usually being able to naturally fight his way out without having to put a lot of effort into it.

His first ten years of life went rather smoothly. Always with his father during hunts and or mock battles ever since the tender age of five, he was a man that was seemingly born to be able to thrive without his parents and live in any type of hardened conditions. However, he was also known even from a young age as “The Trickster” his abilities to seemingly outthink a wide margin of the people in his clan had given him this rather unusual name. Though he liked it using it not only in battle but rather around the village as well, his mischievous antics seemingly always landing him into trouble with one person or another though it seemed everyone was happy… or at least that is how it was.

However, one day his true nature and abilities would shine through him. As he would now be around the age of fourteen his father had to send him out to find Mount Hakobe and bring back one of the beast that survived near the top of the peak. This journey would take him six long and terrible years to accomplish. His body seemingly transformed and his aura that of a blood-thirsty monster, he was forever changed from that journey into a hardened killer being able to take the life of anything or anyone who got in his way for he learned through that excursion that it is kill or be killed. His imagination of the world he once lived in was shattered with the realization that he was always fighting for his life ever since he would wield a small blade. However, this event wouldn’t be the tragic story that told the true nature of his abilities no this rather would be the tale of how he lost his first friend. While he was gone a woman named Aven Higashi‏ had moved away from the Valley and begun her life anew somewhere else.  

The tragic event would transpire after he would figure out this tragedy his mind would slip into the darkest possible corners and pure hatred would seemingly flow from his body. The grounds surrounding the village shacking his temper rising… the seemingly only real thing that he once had in this village was now gone… And with that so went his mentality for letting individuals close to him… During this time of realization there would be one last thing he would discover about himself and that he was seemingly one of the only human’s left with the ability to use crash magic. He realized this once his temper had subsided and he looked upon the ruins of his once promising village, though he couldn’t find the remains of anything other than rubble he would not feel any lose or sadness for this twenty year old man had learned that in this world the weak die and the strong survive.

Therefore, he would spend the next three years studying and attempting to even begin to obtain a grasp on his new found power heading back up to Mount Hakobe to once again train his body and mind to the next level and then travel to a place that seemingly would be the only place he could possibly call home… The dark guild Phantom Lord….

To Be Continued~
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Re: Akuma Jaaku [Done]

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