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Killing Things

Post by Lilthal on Wed Oct 22, 2014 7:57 pm

Lilthal looked ahead to the village she was heading to; apparently the villagers needed a wizard to check out a problem with their sheep going missing or something like that.  She wasn’t entirely sure since the flyer hadn’t said much of anything about the situation, just where to go, who to talk to and that more information will be given then; however it did warn that a dark guild may be nearby.

Lilthal kept her guard up of course but she didn’t see or sense anything and this of course could mean nothing or it could mean quite a lot. Lilthal was thankful it didn’t take her long to arrive at the city but as soon as she stepped foot into the city she was rushed off to the villager in charge of putting the flyer up.

The flyer had said talk to Tiny Tom and of course thinking of him Lilthal pictured someone the complete opposite of tiny and who didn’t truly look like someone with the name Tom but to her surprise he looked Tiny and the name suited him very nicely.

Tiny Tom told Lilthal of what was going on and who they suspected of the miss deeds, hearing the name Lilthal had to ask again.  The reply “Chupacabra” Lilthal of course raised her eyebrow at the man before her but said okay and got the directions. 

Lilthal figured the old man thought he saw that or maybe it was the dark guilds magic causing the effect but she was hired to do a job and she was going to do it.

It had taken Lilthal half a day to track down the cave the Tiny Tom had told her about and as she stepped closer to the opening a dark aura began to sweep over her giving her the creeps.  Lilthal took a break and brought out her silver key, “This should do it, Open the gate of the Mirror Lion” Lilthal said firmly and in a few short moments giant, silver haired Lion appeared in front of her.

“My Lady” It spoke in a deep voice, Lilthal nodded towards him “We have a job, we have to kill whatever is in that cave… and honestly the quicker the better, it’s creeping me out.” Lilthal said calmly at first but then her girlish side got the best of her.

The Lion nodded at her “Stay back my lady” he spoke as he ascended towards the cave entrance with grace you wouldn’t normally see from this type of creature or at least of its size.  Lilthal wasn’t tall but she could stare right into the silver lion’s eyes without bending her neck. 

Lilthal was pulled from her thoughts as something lashed out of the cave and directly at the silver lion, of course he dodged; barely.  Lilthal turned quickly and looked behind her and there in the shadow of a tree was indeed a Chupacabra, Lilthal stared wide eyed for a few seconds before shaking her head.  “Right, don’t let it bite you” and with a loud ‘Yes my lady’ the lion and Chupacabra clashed.

It had taken an hour of running around, distracting and tricking to bring the beast down but it was indeed finally down.  Lilthal stared at its dead form with a tired expression and started towards it, tying a rope around it, the villagers had given it to her so she could bring the thing back and show them proof of its demise.

Thanks to the Silver Lion it hadn’t taken nearly as long to get back to the village as Lilthal had feared and soon she was back on the road headed home.

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