A Sense of Dread (Plot|One Shot)

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A Sense of Dread (Plot|One Shot)

Post by Tellus on Tue Oct 21, 2014 12:47 pm

For countless centuries, the entirety of Earthland had been under their combined watch. Immortal beings of omnipotence and omniscience, beings who's very existence was spoken of as simply legends. They were the Gods and Goddesses whose power helped shape and create the world as it existed today. Unfortunately, as time passed the gift that they had granted the human race was seen squandered through petty conflict and an ever-growing need to expand and populate. This careless expansion left nature to suffer, though such was the way of a fledgling race such as humans. The eternal deities knew that in time the humans would make up for their mistakes through their own means and as such simply watched at waited for that time to arrive. Not once had they encountered a threat that required the involvement of the Gods and Goddesses themselves....until now. Deep within the Nirvana Tree, in the recesses far beyond the reach of the humans, a ravishing Earth Goddess sat in quiet contemplation. This Goddess, known from legend as Tellus, had been unnerved by a deep and foreboding dread that emanated from the very earth itself. Even with her vast knowledge, the cause of this disturbance was a mystery to her. Would it be possible that her brethren had felt what she had? A discontent sigh whispered from her lips, the earth giving a mild tremble in response. Rising to her feet, the godly woman's frame bristled with unbridled power. Was it possible that a threat even the Gods themselves would need assistance with? With a small and seemingly indifferent flick of her wrist, the earth before Tellus split forth into a gaping tunnel that reached all the way to the surface.

"It would seem...that the time has finally come. I fear that now we must enlist the aid of the humans to root out the cause of this unrest...a summit of my sisters and brothers is in order." Her voice was soft and nurturing, yet also possessed a stern undertone. With these words spoken, the Earth Goddess proceeded towards the surface to begin her task. There was much to do...and even more at stake.


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