Quinn the Mother Snake (Battle Pet|90,000 Jewels)

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Quinn the Mother Snake (Battle Pet|90,000 Jewels)

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Mon Oct 20, 2014 7:46 pm

Name: Quinn
Pet Type: Mother Snake
Gender: Female
Height: 50m
Appearance:Quinn is a fanged boa of monstrous size. She is two-toned in color, her scales being a shimmering magenta while her underbelly and face are soft pink. The irises of her eyes are jet black, while her pupils are deep yellow in color. She reaches a length of 50m and possesses three sets of razor sharp fangs, two on the top row of her mouth and one on the bottom row. Like all constrictors, Quinn possesses incredible crushing strength and is able to easily crush even large targets with relative ease. As with any snake, she is capable of unhinging her jaw in order to swallow her prey whole. Because of her size and length, she is capable of carrying an indefinite number of people upon her back and is even able to manipulate her scales in order to accommodate her passengers. She also boasts an impressive intellect, though as expected she cannot verbally express herself through the use of words, she is still able to do so through gazes and assorted hisses.

  • Mother Snake's Genes (Passive)- Quinn is capable of exuding impressive force when coiling around her foe. When constricting an opponent (or opponents), she deals damage equal to two ranks above her current rank per post, capping at S-rank. It requires strength equivalent to two ranks above her current rank as well to break free of her grip. Her physical attacks deal damage equivalent to her current rank and she is able to move at speeds equal to one rank above her current rank. She can withstand damage equal to two ranks above her current rank before being knocked out.
  • Serpentine Travel (Passive)- Due to her incredible length and size, Quinn is able to carry and indefinite number of passengers upon her back. Passengers that ride Quinn have their travel word count reduced by 50%.
  • Feral Senses (Passive)- Quinn is capable of smelling, seeing, and sensing up to 75m away from her in perfect detail. This is reduced by a third when applied to spells designed to mask their caster's presence.
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