Terry Cloth the Battle Wolf (Battle Pet|85,000 Jewels)

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Terry Cloth the Battle Wolf (Battle Pet|85,000 Jewels)

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Mon Oct 20, 2014 7:10 pm

Name: Terry Cloth
Pet Type: Battle Wolf
Gender: Female
Height: 1m x 2m at D/C-rank, 7m x 9m at B/A-rank, 15m x 17m at S/SS-rank
Appearance: Aesthetically, Terry looks no different than a normal timber wolf would. There are, however, a couple differences between the two. The first is the duo of blue markings that border the outer rim of Terry's eyes. The next are her eyes themselves, in which the irises are jet black and the pupils are dark pink in color. The last, and perhaps more prominent distinction between Terry and a regular wolf is her size. As a mere puppy, she is already the size of a full-grown normal wolf. By adolescence her size increases further to be twice as large as an adult horse. When she reaches adulthood, her size increases further and she is nearly as large as a three-story building. During the latter stages of her growth, she is capable of easily carrying her owner and an ally on her back (at adolescence) and later up to four people upon her head or back (at adulthood). Additionally, she has shown to possess remarkable intelligence and is capable of adapting to her surroundings and understanding commands and situations around her, even adding her own feral-influenced input via growls and facial expressions.

  • Battle Wolf's Lineage (Passive)- Terry is capable of moving at speeds equal to two ranks above her current rank, capping at S-rank. She can withstand damage equal to up to 1 rank above her current rank before being knocked out and she is able to deal damage equivalent to her current rank.
  • Lupine Transport (gained at B-rank|Passive)- Terry is capable of providing transport to her owner and their allies. At B/A-rank, she is able to carry her owner and one other ally upon her back. At S/SS-rank, this carrier ability increases to being able to carry up to four people. This transportation ability reduces the travel word count for her owner and their allies (if they are riding Terry) by 40%.
  • Heightened Feral Senses (Passive)- Due to a combination of being an animal and her lineage, Terry's senses are highly acute. She is capable of hearing, seeing, and smelling anything around her in perfect detail up to 75m away. This sensory is halved (35m) when applied to spells that are designed to hide one's presence.
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