...I hate all of you (Mission)

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...I hate all of you (Mission)

Post by Gus Sussano on Sun Oct 12, 2014 8:49 am

Gus walked down the roads like normal, his cloak around him like a lover's hug. His eyes set to the crimson sky, it was almost sun set, it was a good time for a show. That mattered not, for Gus lifted up his sheet of paper and was trying to remember what he was doing. Oh yes, he needed some more jewels. He tapped the paper, as it lead him to a hospital. He opened the door slowly, as he was uncomfortable around hospitals, it was a long story. He silently walked up to the counter, lifted up the job request and tapping the title. The nurse replied, "Oh you are here for our resident "Little Brittle." room 16, floor 2." Gus nodded silently as he walked up the steps, floor one, a few more, then floor two. He opened the door to the 16th door, and stared forward to a old man with a IV unit in his arm, a Oxygen tank to his mouth, a shower cap to the head, and a diaper. He sighed, this was going to be a long day isn't it? Gus lifted up the flier, as the man smiled slowly. He listened to the man- did he just greet him with a "Yo Dawg"? Gus' eye twitched in displeasure as he listened to the man with the greatest of patient. He will shock the music world he said, he will make all the monies he said, lord was he a broken track on playback? Gus got back up from the small chair beside the bed when the man pointed to some fliers. His job now was to post them in important spots, or at least spots where it will get noticed. Gus nodded, as he took the fliers and walked out the door, carefully shutting it to not disturb other patients.

 Gus looked to the nurse, nodding his head as he opened the hospital's main doors. It was time to make some hard earned jewels, or was it easy earned? He didn't care, work was work, and he was being paid more then the average person for a weeks worth of their job! Gus hastened his pace as he wandered Oak, then snickered to himself, thinking of a joke. He came to the first spot, and he slapped the poster down, and with a little bit of magic turned the tip of his key a little hotter. He used it like a stamp, melting the poster into the bricks, where he then used the sticky back with a hand print. As he jogged to the next spot, he looked to Capricorn and his other key, and spoke to them in his mind. 'What do you call a professional scientist here...? Professor Oak!" One of them understood it, but that wasn't the point, he tried at least. The world flashed black as a quick time skip happened, and Gus was back at the Hospital.

 Gus entered, hands behind his back, his back aimed straight up as he walked up the stairs once again. He looked to his left, then his right, no other people were walking down this hall. Well it must be a old person's home, only explanation for the lack of energy. Gus opened the door, sitting down next to Little Brittle as he ranted again. He patiently waited once again as he spoke, but then his eyes turned sour when he heard he wasn't going to be paid until the album started to sell. Gus stood up, and lifted up his golden key. He then spoke in a dark, menacing voice, "...Pay... Up..." The man looked into Gus's eyes, he was a decent actor! When he was a little mad, he could over blow his performance into a blood frenzy, and so his eyes took the form of killer intent. The old man did as he promised, and so Gus silently bowed, and walked out of the hospital.

Gus wandered right out of the hospital, bored out of his mind as he looked to the sky. What to do? He tossed up the jewels he had acquired, planting them in his pocket as he felt the ground under his feet. Why was he forced to do all of these stupid "good" things? He blinked, what was that? His thoughts were betraying him, as he simply shook his head and walked on. He looked to his keys, Capricorn and his silver... what was he going to name her? He wasn't the best at names, that he would admit easily. His creativity was mostly with design and attacks, not whats the best thing to name his dog. He sighed, it didn't matter at the moment, her name would translate inevitably. Fate can not stop his destiny, nor can names! Though he will eventually come up with something... and when will he finally comprehend what she looks like?!
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