Unime: Upcoming anime streaming site looking for staff!

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Unime: Upcoming anime streaming site looking for staff!

Post by Echo on Sat Oct 11, 2014 12:11 pm

Hello everyone,


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This will be a short and right to the point recruitment thread, Ill be taking a more personal approach with online interviews via Skype to talk with anyone who applies. I'm a staff member of Unime, a "Anime Steaming Site". Where we bring dubbed and subbed anime to our members along with the latest manga. Right now were having our site designed and coded along with the back end being completed. What we are looking for are determined, friendly, very open minded people to work along with in order to make our goals a reality.

Right now were looking for Forum Moderators, GFX Designers (For creation of original artwork & media that is needed.), Advertisers, Uploaders ( In charge of organizing & uploading new media. FTP Knowledge needed ), Anime Experts. One big thing is that we need people with a mature mind set no childish workers needed here!

What were looking for

  • Forum Moderators  [Needed : 5/5]
  • GFX Designers [Needed : 3/3]
  • Advertisers [Needed : 0/4]
  • Uploaders [Needed : 0/4]
  • Anime Experts [Needed : 1/5]

If you are interested please send our CEO a friend invite via Skype @ “Xiroshiro” and he will get with you as soon as possible.


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