A Smooth Knight entering the guild... (Introduction-Open)

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A Smooth Knight entering the guild... (Introduction-Open)

Post by Hazme on Wed Oct 08, 2014 5:49 pm

"Lamia Scale... Very different than my house"
Hazme, I new Lamia's Scale mage. She walked to the door, after 5 hours of walking he found the place, he found the guild his grandfather told him about.
"Its kind of big... Its not that good anyway..." Hazme was amazed, the place was actually very big. When he entered the guildhall he took a heavy breathing and stared at all the place, it was actually very quiet, there was no one in the place, it was very quiet. He quickly turned around standing against the door "I am starting to think that this is guild is something useless..." the green haired mage was very disappointing, but when he was about to live the guild for ever something happened.
Hazme placed his hand in the door about to open it, the door opened, but he was not sure how did it open. He didn't open it, it was someone else.

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